COMPED worked in several social projects since 2001. The main target groups of those projects are the victims of society, the poor and people that have been excluded from their surroundings because of disability or diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Godparent project

Supports children and youths of poor families in gaining school education, vocational training and studies by:     
  Providing financial support and contribution for school materials and uniforms through godparents program
  Builds schools and libraries
  Organizes trips for children to improve their social skills and general knowledge


COMPED Home is a home for blind/low vision and physically disabled persons. It enhances the self-confidence of the blind/low vision persons by improving their orientation and mobility. It also provides trainings in agricultural skills for the blind/low vision and physically disabled persons and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Social waste management center in Battambang (SAB)

The SAB is an integrated project: Social and organic waste recycling center (composting and biogas plant).
Its main cause is to improve life quality and working conditions of the waste-pickers. Improvements are demonstrated through:
  Break room, cooking facilities, showers, toilets, clean water, etc.
  There are frequent explanations of security and hygiene measures given to the workers by the COMPED staff.
  More than 30 children of the waste—picker families living around the dump site are encouraged to go to school
    and to take advantage of extra tutoring.
  They also have access to a playground and playroom.
  The produced biogas is used for cooking and lighting and the compost is sold for extra income.

Photo Activities

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