On the 20th February a meeting between the director of CHEC, Mrs. Kasem Kolnary, the Vice Director of TKG, Mr. Detlef Gutjahr, the director of COMPED, Mr Chau Kim Heng and the Vice director of COMPED, Mr. Sam Phalla took place. An amount of 5000 € was hande over from Mr. Gutjahr on behalf of TKG to CHEC. Additional, an MOU between TKG, CHEC and COMPED was signed. The TKG is the project donor, COMPED is responsible for monitoring and evaluation.
  The project focuses on HIV affected families to who the opportunity of earning their own subsistence by founding and running their own chicken farm shall be given by training and providing of an amount of 100 $ to be invested. This is how they shall be enabled to get independent from frequent donations and to leave their social isolation.
  The project started with the handover of the money. Straight after that, the first 15 of 30 participants got trained from the 24.02. untill the 26.02.2010.
  Five Days Training Skill Offer to People Living with HIV/AIDS  

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