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Background information

  COMPED-HOME (CH) was founded in August 2010 as a home and aid organization for blind / partially sighted and
underprivileged children / Youthful and young adults in Cambodia.

Aim of the project

The project wants to give people with a physically disadvantage a chance to contribute their own skills to their family’s income, so they do not depend exclusively on their family’s business. There for our project focuses on the transfer of practical knowledge about an efficient and home based agricultural work.

Target group

The main group of people this projects is trying to reach are young adults who are physically or sightly limited and whose family's live in a poor agricultural area. These people are normally equally excluded in their community because they can't contribute an own income to their family ones.


NCDP -The National Centre of Disabled Persons.
  CeLAgrid- Center for Livestock and Agricultur Development.
    TKG - Thüringisch Kambodschanische Gesellschaft.
    BFW - Berufsförderungswerk Düren.

Donate By:

VI - Peace Village International.            
      TKG - Thüringisch Kambodschanische Gesellschaft.            
      BFW - Berufsförderungswerk Düren.            
      Individual donator.            

Project planning

The training plan is to teach the students how to build and successfully run an own small chicken farm. Therefore, three times in 2012, two blind who are going to stay for 6 months at the COMPED HOME compound and eight physically handicapped young adults, who are staying for 2 months, are chosen to participate in the program. After their vocational training the trainees will be granted a moderate amount of start-up-money, thereby giving them the chance to start up a chicken farm in their hometowns. A professional Adviser for chicken breeding will accompany the trainees on their return to their hometowns and give their families and neighbors an additional introduction to professional chicken farming. The trainees will be monitored by expert selected by NCDP locally and COMPED staff will visit them for a final evaluation. The projects next step is to implement the techniques of how to run a pig and fish farm as well, to give the students an even greater range of financial options.

Main COMPED home project:

Disable people            
People living with HIV/AIDS            

Project Activities


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