Follow up training on chicken raising for trainees group II
On 21st of September 2012 the expert chicken trainer from Celagrid organization was invited again to do fallow-up training for disable people of second group from Kandal Province. After one month with help from Mr. Tina, all trainees practice their training on job at COMPED HOME. The objective of this training were to review previous lesson and to get to know what trainees encountered during their time of real practical exercise including their successes, failures, difficulties and experiences. The contents of training were mostly focus on “common disease” of chicken and “vaccination” progress.
Most of the day, the trainees learn with the lesson of earthwarm and termite raising for the chicken food. Vaccination practice for baby chicken and adult chickens. At the end of training, they were assigned to do post-test to evaluate how much they can understand from the training. Amazingly, they received very good result and no one failed the test (one of them got full marks 100%, 3 of them got around 90-95%, 6 of them got around 75-90 %).


As the matter of fact that some trainees are not be able to do the whole tasks for chicken breeding by themselves, so family members need to assist them. In order to make effective plan for chicken breeding, COMPED will invite family member of each trainee to attend the chicken breeding at their community when they are going back home next month.  Mr. Tina, chicken trainer will be the key person for the training.
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