Title of project:


Concept of waste water treatment and implementation of a pilot plant in Battambang,



  2007 – 2008


International Graduate School Zittau, Germany
      Techniques University of Prague,
G&U Construction GmbH, Germany
Scholze and Partner GmbH, Germany
TKG -Thueringisch-Kambodschanische Gesellschaft e.V, Germany
Battambang Provincial and City Administration.
      TKG -Thueringisch-Kambodschanische Gesellschaft e.V, Germany
      MOE - Ministry of Environment of Cambodia.

Funded by:

  EU – Asia Pro Eco Project II
Project summary: Goal of the project is to provide the local decision-makers the knowledge as well as the planning instruments needed for municipal drainage systems and wastewater treatment. This includes collecting, analyzing and evaluating the hydrologic and wastewater data of the city of Battambang, designing a municipal drainage system concept and building a pilot wastewater treatment plant
To ensure the necessary transfer of knowledge and technology, four seminars will be conducted, on the respective project sections. Political decision-makers, those responsible for waste water disposal and for environmental issues will thus be placed in the position to implement a functioning waste water disposal concept in Battambang.




Trainings on waste water management including master plan development and waste water
      treatment were conducted.        
    Study tour for provincial city administrative and officer of the public work and transportation of
      provincial department.        
    Master plan on waste water treatment for Battambang city was developed and handover to the
      provincial and city administrative.        
    A pilot waste water treatment for treat waste water from university and residents around university of   

Pictures of pilot waste water treatment plant.


Project Activities Reports  in PDF file



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